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THE FINE PRINT or Everything Else You Need To Know About How The Token Works

♦ 1 week after subscribing we'll mail you a personalized Token card. This card will be valid for one year after your first payment, unless you choose to renew.

♦ With The Token you'll still stand in line to save your spot - but instead of getting a Trivial Pursuit card, you'll just show us your Token and be good to go. That's all there is to it. 

♦ You'll also receive 15% off select classes and workshops and invitations to special events at The Neo-Futurarium.

♦ You’ll be billed $15.00 automatically on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time and your card and code will continue working until you finish up your final month.

♦ We can’t transfer memberships but THE TOKEN makes an excellent gift. Sign-up your friends and loved ones. 

♦ The Token is valid for any showing of The Infintie Wrench or Prime Time production but does not transfer to special performances (such as offsite performances at Steppenwolf or Victory Gardens, our annual Pride benefit show, or other fundraising events). If you have a question about a particular event don't hesitate to ask. 

[Email "admin[@]neofuturists.org" with any questions.]